Solea® Sleep Laser Treatment for Snoring

Dr. Marisa Patt and the team here at BOCO Dental & Prosthodontics are excited to offer an innovative new treatment designed to help many individuals who snore. Solea® Sleep Laser Therapy is a quick and virtually painless technique that is capable of reducing (and potentially even eliminating) palatal snoring with results that can last up to one year or longer and can often be maintained with annual follow-up treatment sessions.

Snoring is an extremely common condition that is frequently linked to sleep apnea and can be caused by a number of factors. These include the excessive relaxation of tissues in the mouth and nose that block air passages while sleeping. A large majority of those who snore are “palatal snorers” (also referred to as “mouth snorers”), a term characterized by the vibration of soft palate tissue that can produce loud sounds while breathing during sleep. The Solea® Sleep laser treatment is specifically designed for this type of snoring condition. The treatment involves the application of laser energy to the soft palate tissue that can help tighten collagen. This technique can work to prevent excessive narrowing of the airway and diminish the soft palate tissue vibrations that produce snoring in many individuals.

The Solea® Sleep laser treatment for snoring typically takes no longer than about 5 to 15 minutes to complete and most patients do not require downtime after the procedure. While some patients may experience some irritation or soreness in the area following the treatment, these mild effects should not last longer than 24 hours.

Reducing the effects of snoring can help many patients achieve a better night’s sleep, enhance their energy and concentration during the day, and stop the disruption of their partner’s sleep. If you would like to find out if Solea® Sleep Laser Therapy is right for your needs, please contact our office today. Our dentist in Boulder can discuss your options and determine whether you are an ideal candidate for this state-of-the-art procedure.