BOCO Dental proudly offers a number of services that fall outside the scope of more “traditional” dentistry. We’ve helped thousands of patients improve their appearance, manage dental anxiety, eliminate unnecessary pain, and even improve the quality of their sleep!

Our dedicated team has a long track record of caring for patients in the Boulder area. Give us a call at 303-530-1212. We’re happy to discuss your concerns and deliver quality service that can surpass your expectations.


Dental Emergencies

Are you having a dental emergency? Here’s what you should do:


If you are showing signs of an infection, have a fractured tooth, or a dislodged temporary crown, please call the office (303.530.1212) as soon as possible.


We do provide emergency services to patients of record after hours and during the holidays. Please call us at 303.530.1212. Dr. Patt or a covering dentist will return your call in a timely manner.

IV Sedation Dentistry

Intravenous sedation is an option for patients who have severe dental anxiety. Prior to your appointment, Dr. Patt will review your medical history to make sure IV sedation is safe for you. Anesthesia is administered directly into your bloodstream allowing you to relax immediately and remain comfortable throughout your procedure. You’ll be monitored the entire time. Although patients are conscious and aware of their surroundings during IV sedation, many feel like they drifted off to sleep.

BOTOX® Therapy for TMJ Disorder

For many individuals, BOTOX® Therapy offers an effective treatment modality for TMJ dysfunction and bruxism (teeth clenching and grinding). In some cases, BOTOX® can be used to help resolve aesthetic issues as well, such as a “gummy smile.”

BOTOX injections for TMJ Disorder can be administered right here in our office.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Did you know dentists can help with sleep disruption related to snoring and sleep apnea? At BOCO Dental we create custom-fitted occlusal guards that can help prevent sleep apnea by shifting the lower jaw and tongue forward to open airways while you sleep.

Oral appliance therapy is less obtrusive, more comfortable, and quieter than CPAP devices. Get the restorative sleep you need at night so you can function at full capacity during the day!