Dental mishaps can happen anytime, and they usually don’t wait for business hours. That’s why at BOCO Dental & Prosthodontics, we have you covered! With Dr. Marisa Patt at the helm, you’re sure to receive the best urgent dental care.

Emergency Care for All Your Dental Woes

No matter the dental emergency, we’re here for you. It’s important to address dental emergencies immediately, so you don’t encounter greater pains and complications:

  • Loose Bridges: Addressing loose bridges promptly ensures structural stability and prevents potential complications that might jeopardize the health of adjacent teeth.
  • Loose Crowns: Immediate attention to a loose crown is crucial to prevent exposure of the underlying tooth, which could lead to sensitivity or further damage.
  • Loose Fillings: Attending to loose fillings without delay prevents bacteria from entering the exposed cavity, which could lead to deeper infections or decay.
  • Broken or Chipped Teeth: Seeking immediate care for broken or chipped teeth is vital to prevent further breakage, exposure of the inner tooth, and potential infections.
  • Soft Tissue Damage and Gum Bleeding: Immediate management of soft tissue damage and gum bleeding/pain, reduces the risk of infection, and promotes optimal healing.
  • Loose or Knocked-Out Teeth: Swift action for loose or knocked-out teeth can greatly increase the chances of saving the tooth and preventing long-term dental complications.
  • Tooth Abscesses: It’s crucial to address tooth abscesses immediately, as they are infections that can spread rapidly, potentially endangering overall health.
  • Toothaches: Resolving toothaches promptly is essential to pinpoint and tackle the root cause, whether it’s decay, infection, or trauma, preventing further complications.
  • Cracked Teeth: Attending to cracked teeth without delay minimizes the risk of the crack deepening, which could lead to infections or the need for root canals or extractions.
Emergency Dentistry in Boulder

Pricing and Insurance: Emergency Dental Care You Can Afford

Dental emergencies can be stressful enough without worrying about cost. But whether you have insurance or not, we’re here to help. Let us know how we can best serve you in this stressful situation!

Don’t delay taking care of your emergency. Bring your teeth back to a healthy place and get your pain relief now! We’re here for our patients!

Have a Dental Emergency? Give Us a Call Now!

There’s no need to suffer through the pain or stress when help is just a phone call away. Dr. Marisa Patt and the dedicated team at BOCO Dental & Prosthodontics are ready to jump into action for your urgent dental needs. Remember, timely care can make all the difference in preserving your beautiful smile. So, don’t delay!

Experiencing a dental emergency right now? Need to see an emergency dentist ASAP? Call us during business hours at (303) 530-1212.