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Dental Technology

We love new technology here at BOCO Dental & Prosthodontics, and we are continuously evolving to make your dental experience better. With numerous advances in dental imaging processes, diagnostics, and treatment techniques, our dental team can make your visit more comfortable and convenient. Please take a look at some of the state-of-the-art dental technologies we routinely utilize at our practice, and contact us today with any questions you may have.
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Cone Beam Technology & 3D Imaging

Three-dimensional dental imagery allows for better diagnosis, treatment planning, and enhanced detail because we can get a 360-degree view with less radiation exposure when compared to other x-ray techniques. 3D cone beam technology can produce images of oral structures and tissues in meticulously precise detail. It is routinely used to assess the airway, TMJ and look for dental infections. It is particularly useful for treatments such as dental implants, helping to create a planning guide for implant placement that offers enhanced accuracy and improved predictive abilities for the final results.


CEREC® CAD/CAM Technology

CEREC® CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing) technology allows our team to manufacture precision custom dental crowns on-site in a single office visit. Instead of waiting two to three weeks for the crowns to be made at a dental laboratory, the CEREC® Primemill can be utilized to produce a custom-designed, same-day dental crown in about three hours!

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DentalVibe® for Dental Anxiety

DentalVibe® is a hand-held device that creates vibrations that make it difficult for your brain to register sensation from an anesthetic injection. The vibrations reach the brain before the pain from the needle does — in a sense “confusing” pain receptors. It is ideal for patients who experience dental anxiety.
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Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays (radiographs) have become the standard in dentistry. They provide greater detail than traditional films at a fraction of the radiation exposure. Plus, digital radiographs eliminate the need for hazardous film developing chemicals, and the images are immediately available to view.

Digital Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras allow for imaging of hard-to-reach places within the mouth. These images can facilitate the detection of tooth cracks or fractures and can assist in cavity detection. The added bonus is that you get to see what we see! Images are instantly uploaded to a monitor where our dental team can show you what’s going on with your teeth and gums and provide you with a better understanding of oral health conditions.

Solea® Dental Laser

The Solea® Dental Laser is one of the most prominent examples of how technology can radically change your dental experience. This unique all-tissue laser is the first FDA-cleared CO2 dental laser designed to treat both the gums and teeth. This makes it possible to use the laser in place of a dental drill or other invasive instruments for a variety of common procedures, including the treatment of certain types of cavities, as well as gum and soft tissue conditions. An additional bonus of using the Solea® Dental Laser is the ability to treat many dental fillings without having to get a shot. Whether you are a kid or an adult, this is a big bonus for patients who are needle-phobic.

Solea® Sleep Laser Therapy for Snoring

In addition to the Solea® Dental Laser for routine dental care, we are proud to offer the Solea® Sleep Laser, which can be helpful for many individuals who snore. Solea® Sleep Laser Treatment for snoring is designed for patients who are “palatal snorers.” Sometimes referred to as “mouth snorers,” this snoring condition occurs when soft palate tissues vibrate while sleeping, ultimately producing loud sounds as breath moves through air passages. Palatal snoring is very common, and the Solea® Sleep Laser Treatment is a virtually painless procedure capable of reducing or even eliminating the condition with results lasting up to a year or more. Laser energy is directed onto the soft palate tissue in order to tighten collagen and diminish the potential for the tissue to excessively narrow the airway during sleep, thereby reducing the vibrations and minimizing the sounds of snoring. The entire treatment usually takes no more than about 5 to 15 minutes to complete. Occasional follow-up treatments can help many patients maintain the results long into the future. Dr. Marisa Patt can talk with you about your concerns and help you determine whether Solea® Sleep Laser Treatment is an ideal option.

Vivos® DNA/mRNA Appliance Therapy

Vivos® DNA/mRNA Appliance Therapy offers a way to help many individuals who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. The Vivos® system is a comprehensive treatment protocol that utilizes a custom oral appliance designed to improve airflow during sleep and reduce the debilitating and potentially life-threatening effects that can be caused by obstructive sleep apnea. What makes the Vivos® treatment protocol unique is that it involves a multidisciplinary team of professionals, including Dr. Patt and a sleep medicine doctor, who collaboratively work to develop the customized treatment plan in order to produce the optimal outcome. Vivos® is a virtually painless, non-surgical treatment program that focuses on the cause of sleep apnea, rather than just the symptoms. It can essentially “remodel” the airway to improve the flow of air and is capable of enhancing sleep and energy during the day, reducing snoring, and potentially even improving sinus drainage.
Vivos® is a virtually painless, non-surgical treatment program that focuses on the cause of sleep apnea, rather than just the symptoms. It can essentially “remodel” the airway to improve the flow of air and is capable of enhancing sleep and energy during the day, reducing snoring, and potentially even improving sinus drainage. Additionally, Vivos® therapy can be useful in certain cases of TMJ Disorder, headaches, bruxism (teeth grinding/clenching), and other conditions.

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