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CEREC® stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. In other words, it means that we now have the ability to make very accurate dental crowns specifically designed for your mouth in a single office visit – typically lasting no more than 2.5 hours. This shortens the usual dental crown treatment process, creating a much more expedited experience for many patients.

In the world of dentistry, advancements are made every day. At BOCO Dental & Prosthodontics, we work to stay up-to-date and employ new technologies when they are proven to enhance experience and efficiency for our patients. For this reason, we are excited to offer CEREC® crowns for our patients who can benefit from custom restorations designed to look and feel as natural as possible!

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What Are the Benefits of a CEREC® Same-Day Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are designed to improve the strength and structure of teeth that have been compromised by severe damage or decay. A crown fits over the entire tooth, enhancing its form and function while protecting it from additional harm. Crowns are completely customized for the best possible fit and are color-blended with surrounding teeth for a natural appearance. They are securely affixed to the affected teeth and can last many years with the proper care. While standard crowns often take weeks to be manufactured at an offsite dental laboratory, the CEREC® system allows Dr. Marisa Patt to bring the dental lab right here to our practice. CEREC® dental crowns can be meticulously designed, created, and placed in a single dental appointment, which can make the entire experience more convenient for patients without sacrificing the precision and accuracy necessary for successful results.

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What Does the CEREC® Dental Crown Procedure Involve?

The whole process can typically be completed in about 2.5 hours. First, a 3D digital impression of your mouth is created. This eliminates the need for the creation of traditional impressions, which use plastics and create a significant amount of waste. Digital impressions are also much more time-efficient than analog impressions, cutting the impression time in half.

Using the extremely accurate 3D image, the CEREC® machine then mills a ceramic crown that can provide not only a perfect fit, but can also look, feel, and act like a real tooth. Dr. Patt will then delicately place the crown on the affected tooth with a strong dental cement and give the crown a final polish.

How Long Do CEREC® Crowns Last?

This process results in the highest-quality type of crown that exists today. On average, the lifespan of CEREC® crowns is 10 years, and with proper care, they have the potential to last much longer. This is the same life expectancy of a traditional crown. 

How Much Do CEREC® Dental Crowns Cost?

The cost of a single CEREC® dental crown at our practice can vary significantly among patients depending on where the tooth resides in the mouth, the materials utilized, the complexity of the treatment, the number of crowns necessary, and other associated factors. A member of our team here at BOCO Dental & Prosthodontics will be able to calculate a precise cost estimate once your treatment plan has been developed. We will be happy to answer your questions regarding dental insurance or payment options accepted at our practice, which include CareCredit® and ALPHAEON® Credit financing plans for patients who qualify.

Please contact BOCO Dental & Prosthodontics today for more information on dental crowns and other options available at our practice, or to schedule an appointment.

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