BOCO Dental Through the Years

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BOCO Dental has undergone a number of changes…

The story of our practice began in early 1982 when Dr. Judith Timchula began practicing in the location that we are still in today. In 2007, she merged her practice with the practice of Dr. Cleve McCarty.

We cherish our patients’ loyalty throughout the evolution of the practice.

Through the years, technology has changed and dentistry has evolved.  The practice’s commitment to excellent dentistry has not. Our team, which has matured over the last 37 years, still shares the same ethos from when the practice began – a commitment to provide the best dentistry to those we serve.

In May of 2018, Dr. Marisa Patt bought the practice from Dr. Timchula, setting the stage for Judy’s retirement. Dr. Patt and Dr. Timchula have worked together for a year and a half, expanding the practice together and furthering the commitment to patient-first dental care.

In July of 2018, Dr. McCarty passed, but his legacy holds strong. We are proud to say that we still have clients from the era of Dr. McCarty, loyal to the practice and to the values and excellent dentistry that Dr. Timchula and Dr. Patt have upheld.

This September, we enter a new era of BOCO Dental, as Dr. Timchula retires.. We are so grateful for her dedication to this practice and her patients and wish her every success in this new chapter of her life!

This is a bittersweet moment for the team at BOCO Dental. We are full of hope for the future, and gratitude for all that has brought us here.