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The most gratifying aspect of our work is witnessing the life-changing transformations clients experience after restorative dental work is complete. They come to us feeling nervous and self-conscious and leave with a huge smile and newfound sense of self-assurance.

At BOCO Dental we use only high-quality materials and the most advanced technology to engineer lifelike features safely, and in a fraction of the time it used to take. We make sure every detail — the proportion, dimension, color, and translucency — complements your bone structure, skin tone, and overall appearance.

Implant Fixed partial dentures (bridges)

This patient experienced trauma resulting in loss of several teeth and fracturing of several molars in the back. A combination of fixed crowns on both implants and teeth were used to restore her smile. 

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All-on-4® full mouth rehabilitation with implants

This patient had full mouth extractions, implants placed, and teeth inserted the same day.  The patient heals in the temporary fixed teeth for 2-4months, and then can transition into their final restoration. For this patient, the final restoration was fixed upper and lower hybrid prostheses. This means the teeth do not come out or move because they are attached to implants. The prosthesis can (and should!) be removed periodically for cleaning in a dental office.  Because of the dramatic  and immediate change in esthetics and function one experiences during an All-On-4 treatment, it is one of the most rewarding services we do at BOCO Dental.

We're perfectionists because we love to see the joy and relief wash over a patient's face when they see the final result. Those moments make our jobs rewarding!

Lower Anterior Crowns

This patient had erosion and wear around the necks of her teeth (abfraction). Her lower front teeth were replaced by e.max crowns to repair and protect the teeth from further loss of tooth structure. E.max is a dental material that has grown in popularity and started to replace porcelain because of its superior wear characteristics, esthetics and strength.

Dental implant and crown/ 18 and 19 in e.max crowns

The molar in the first x-ray is non restorable. It was extracted, grafted, implant placed. We used an intraoral scanner to get a digital impression that was sent to the lab for custom abutment and implant crown fabrication. A new crown was also made for the adjacent tooth.

Matching a Single Unit Anterior Crown to Natural Tooth

It can be challenging to match one front tooth to existing teeth. This patient fractured her lower front tooth doing water sports and luckily did not need a root canal. She had a custom shade with the lab technician, and her tooth was replaced by a single unit e.max crown.

Full upper denture and lower overdenture

This patient had several failing crowns and teeth that were not restorable.  His lower canines were in good shape.  They became anchors for overdentures (implant assisted dentures) and he is wearing a full denture on the upper jaw. Using an attachment, like Locators, for lower dentures drastically increases the patient’s ability to function in dentures, and is especially important for patients who are lacking in bone. 

Implant Bridges

This patient had some failing teeth, but several restorable teeth.  Teeth were extracted , implants placed and the patient wore a removable partial denture during the healing phase. Final restorations were implant bridges with a lot of characterization to match his remaining natural teeth.  Nice result!

Upper Composite Bonding

This patient had some chipping of the upper front teeth.  Her teeth were restored with minimally invasive bonded restorations (composites) that match the existing teeth well. What patient’s love about bonded restorations is that treatment can be completed in one short appointment.

Dental Implant next to Crown on Natural Tooth

The molar in the first x-ray is non-restorable. It was extracted, grafted, and an implant was placed. An intraoral scanner was used to obtain a digital impression, which was sent directly to the lab for custom abutment and implant crown fabrication. A new crown was also made for the adjacent tooth. Using digital technology cuts down on fabrication time and it also eliminates the need for sitting in the chair with impression material in your mouth!

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