Best Dentists Office Ever!!  I began coming to this practice in 2015, simply because I lived in the neighborhood. Since then, I keep coming back because of the amazing folks who work at the practice. Dr. Patt and her team do such a good job of making me feel safe, comfortable and welcome, no matter what I am in for.

When I started seeing the BOCO Dental team, I hadn’t been to the dentist in years. I knew going in that I would need some work. I was on a tight budget, so when I found out that I needed a number of fillings, it was a bit stressful. They worked with me to show me what the cavities looked like on the x-rays, and helped me prioritize the fillings based on urgency on a timeline that would fit my budget.

Once I got that work done, I’ve only needed regular cleanings. They taught me best practices for keeping my teeth healthy, and I feel like they only do work when it needs to be done for the health of your teeth.

This practice is amazing and the staff cares about you and your health. I cannot say enough good things about them, and would highly recommend that you give them a call if you are in need of a dentist in the Boulder area.

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