Temporary Restorations: What to Expect

What are temporaries?

When you come in for a crown you are going to need a temporary tooth, or provisional restoration, while your crown is being made at the lab. Here are answers to commonly asked questions about temporary restorations…


You should be able to chew with your temporary crown, but the cement is not permanent. Avoid eating sticky or very hard foods.


The color may not be spot on, but it should be pretty close. We have better color matching capability with the materials used in the final product. Don’t worry, because the final restoration will have a more dynamic appearance. And the aesthetics of your final restoration will compliment your skin tone and smile!

Shape and Size

The shape and size of the temporary restoration should approximate our goal for your final restoration. If you do not like the shape, character, dimensions of your temporaries, let us know. Also, if you experience trouble enunciating words, let us know so we can make appropriate adjustments.

Tooth Sensitivity

Teeth may be sensitive after dental work. The sensitivity usually subsides.  However, if you are in pain, or getting progressively more sensitive, let us know.  We will evaluate the situation before your final restoration is placed. If the sensitivity is not controlled by over-the-counter pain medications or keeps you awake at night, be sure to contact BOCO Dental immediately.

How to care for temporary restorations…

Remember, ‘temps’ are not the same thing as the final product. Temporary restorations are only expected to last 2-4 weeks.

Maintenance of the gums around the temporary restoration is important. It is essential that you floss and brush daily around the temporary restoration, even if it is sensitive. If your gums are not healthy, or they are inflamed, we will not be able to install your permanent crown or veneers.

In summary…

  • avoid foods that could damage temporaries
  • brush and floss daily
  • sensitivity to temperature is common
  • address cosmetic concerns
  • contact us if your temporaries become dislodged or painful

We’re here for you if you have discomfort, questions, or concerns about your temporary restorations. Just give us a call at 303.530.1212.

Thank you for choosing BOCO Dental!