Dental Trauma Case Study: Full Mouth Reconstruction After an Accident

Dental Trauma Full Mouth Reconstruction Before and After

A patient presented to BOCO Dental for help with oral rehabilitation after an accident. She had lost several teeth due to a fall that damaged several of her teeth. At the time of the accident, she had several extracted implants placed, and wore a temporary partial denture to replace the teeth until the implants were […]

5 Facts About Prosthodontics

To celebrate National Prosthodontics Awareness Week, we are sharing 5 facts about the Prosthodontics specialty! First, what is a prosthodontist? Prosthodontics is a dental specialty pertaining to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with missing or deficient teeth. Think prosthetics, but for teeth! Three extra years of training. In order to gain the certification, Prosthodontists […]